The Social Story Center

The Social Story Center

Supporting children around the world during times of crisis with developmentally appropriate storytelling.
During times of crisis, children need emotional support from their parents and educators to help them feel safe and secure.

However, it can be challenging for adults to explain distressing, global issues like the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters to their young children in a way that helps them feel better, while presenting factual information that acknowledges the gravity of the situation.

The Social Story Center is an initiative led by the Asian Interest Forum of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Our team draws on research in education and child and adolescent development to create children’s books and teaching materials that help children process crisis events. Our mission is to share knowledge, perspectives, and informational resources for educating and providing optimal and culturally responsive early childhood environments for infants and young children around the world.

All of the materials that we create are free to download and publicly available online.

We are incredibly grateful to our international team of collaborators for their contributions. The Social Story Center is a product of their shared efforts and would not be possible without them.

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